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comments to date; this proves the need for this facility we need your comments as parents and adults who NEVER had this opportunity when you were young: please help us develop this even further. Speak to lesley.

Richard Rayner

The place is one of.... No it's the Best youth club I have ever seen. Open to people of all ages and has benefited me for one, lesley has been a star for Skye. Thank you lesley.

Lisa Hawthorne

Really impressed - great to see happy kids- hats off to Lesley and everyone else who is doing an amazing job!
Naomi Bell - Awesome wish it was all the time.

Abby Wood - Love it!!!

Chealsea Kelly - Amazing, awesome!

Candice Ord - Best weekend ever thanks a bunch!

Charlotte Hellon - Looks great, good place to chill.

Kathleen Paterson - Excellent place for the kids to hang out!

Christina Macvicar - Love the TV, loads of different things to do

Kayleigh Gilson - Definately what kids need on skye. Place looks amazing.

Louise Duff - Well worth the effort! So positive.

Grace Wilcock - Great space, good positive opportunity to come here to 'BE' and 'GROW'

Charlotte Kelly - Loved it!!

Molly - Awesome, I want to go everyday.

Chelsea - Loved it!

Gemma - Awesome!

Abby Wood - Loved it see you next week!

Emily - Love it!

Chloe - Love it more than pasta! Be back soon

Hallie - Really fun, enjoyed it.

Mairead - AWESOME!

Niamh - Awesome!

Hester - Connor loved getting his hair done.

Connor - Loved it!

Chelsea - Cool.

Naomi - Awesome!!!

Niamh - Cool

Jax - Love it

Lauren - Youth club rocks!

Chelsea - Cool.

Abby - Love it see you next week

Lauren - I got my nails painted

Amy - I enjoyed it

Gemma - Youth club is awesome

Chloe - Brill

Candice - My fav place to hang out and chat

Niamh - Cool day!!

Shannon - Fun day

Erin - Very fun day (EPIC)

Kai - This place has everything!

Mark - Cant wait for the PS3

Arran - Good laptops

Connor - Good stuff

Ben - I want to come again, fun

Liam - It was good

Chloe - Shown around

Mairead - Cool

Leon - Bye, cool!

Emily - Cool

Bailey - Good more iPads

Arran - It was fun on the laptops.

Connor - It was fun on the laptops.

Naomi - Cool and awesome.

Rhibhinn - Really fun

Abby - Loved it again hope we get volunteers!

Molly - Its so awesome I dont want to leave but I have to.

Aidan - Very good.

Ben - It is very fun (wow)

Erin - Cool had nice time.

Connor - Awesome

Kaitlin - Will be coming again

Bethany - Will be coming again too

Lydia - I liked making the earrings.

William - Loved it had so much fun!


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